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Yeah, Brussels sprouts aren't inherently bad...they can however they can turn bad due to preparation. LOL...shudder...childhood memories. :~)
KouKou said:
I don't kno what people were thinking preparing vegetables that way. The only vegetable I enjoy over cooked is potatoes and green beans. And eggplant. And tomatoes. Everything else must have some texture and flavor.

Vinegar on Brussels sprouts? Not yum!

Why!? Why do they overcook them till they're mush!?!?
I don't know where Pete or cheflayne is from, but that is a classic New England side dish: mushy over-cooked smelly Brussels Sprouts drowned in vinegar from the cruet that lived on the dining room table. Boiled cabbage got the same treatment, as did broccoli.

I was so happy when I finally grew up and was cooking for myself... I was liberated from both overcooked veg and that damned vinegar cruet.

"LOL...shudder...childhood memories."
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